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Helping Changing Lives One Stride at a Time!
Liberty Fit - Run Free!

Impacting Lives for Over a Decade!

Although spring sports are very popular, there's a segment of the population that sits on the sideline. Maybe these students have never even considered joining an organized school group. Maybe they have, but have held back for some reason. Perhaps they don't consider themselves to be skilled enough to make a school sports team... and maybe they're right. Maybe no one has ever shown interest in them or invited them to be part of a club. Perhaps they don't have money for the substantial participation fee that is required, or their grades hold them back.

There is such a student population at our high school, and their lives can be dramatically changed through participation in Liberty Fit.

Liberty Fit is a unique club where students, staff, family, and community members train together to complete a half-marathon. It particularly gives our uninvolved and "at-risk" students a chance to experience personal success as they become part of a caring community that shares a common goal.
It's become known as an activity with a safe atmosphere, a place to meet new friends, and an opportunity to learn about the importance of exercise, now and in the future.

Students are shown interest, provided support, and given care. They learn about responsibility and respect, developing relationships with other students - and adults. An amazing sense of self-pride and confidence emerges. And in many instances this experience translates positively to their academics and attendance as Liberty Fit provides a strong connection to school, particularly for those who have not yet felt one.

During nearly 4 months of training 4 days a week, unique relationships are developed when teachers, administrators, counselors, family, and community members volunteer their time as mentors/pace leaders - encouraging, supporting, and training alongside students. For some students, the goal is to begin a personal exercise program by participating at least once or twice a week. For most, the goal is to train all 4 days each week and run/walk the Helvetia Half-Marathon

Liberty Fit  would not be the success that it is today without the support of our community.  For over 10 years our community has supported this program through the genorous donation of its time, products and finances. If you are interested in helping support Libety Fit you can do so in a variety of ways, through financial donations, donations of running shoes & clothing or snack items. 

Another way you can support our students is through your participation in the Falcon 15k Relay, Runs or Walk. Proceeds from this event will help to pay for race fees, nutritious snacks, training incentives, and running equipment. Our goal this year is to raise $5000 from the event. Sign up today and help us change lives one stride at a time.