Falcon 15K Relay Plus 15k, 10k, 5k Runs & 5k Walk

Helping Change Lives One Stride at a Time!

        Saturday April 21, 2018
Liberty High School - Hillsboro, Oregon
Liberty Fit
“Liberty Fit is like a flywheel that turns the gear of togetherness, spins the belt of our community and has started the engine of belief that our students and staff can accomplish anything together.” ~ Gregg O’Mara, Liberty Principal

Although spring sports at Liberty are very popular, there’s a segment of our population that sits on the sideline. Maybe they’ve never even considered joining an organized school group. Maybe they have, but have held back for some reason. Perhaps they don’t consider themselves to be good enough. And maybe they’re right. Maybe no one has ever shown interest in them or invited them to be part of a team. Perhaps they don’t have money for the substantial participation fee, or their grades hold them back. Liberty Fit provides each of these students a chance to dramatically change their lives.

Liberty Fit is a unique fitness club that invites all students not participating in a spring sport to train for a half-marathon. Over the course of 15 weeks the group trains together on 3 weekdays and Saturdays, following a safe, steady increase in mileage. Unique relationships are developed when Liberty staff (teachers, administration, counselors,) family, and community members volunteer their time as mentors/pace leaders - encouraging, supporting, and training alongside the students. For some, the goal is to begin a personal exercise program by participating at least once or twice a week. For most, the goal is to train all 4 days a week and run/walk the Helvetia Half-Marathon. 

Last year over 150 students were involved at some level and over half completed the training necessary to participate in the 13.1 mile race. They were joined by over 50 staff members, parents, siblings, and community members. One of our main objectives continues to be to an increase in the number of individuals who are able to benefit from what Liberty Fit provides. Although our continuing growth is very exciting, it also creates a major stumbling block because with the increase in participation comes an increase in financial need. Since Liberty Fit began in 2007 there's been no cost to the students which is both a major attraction and benefit of the program. We’ve never charged students a participation fee such as the $200.00 needed to join a regular school athletic team or activity. Instead, we rely on grants, donations, and sponsorships for our funding.

One way you can support our students is through your participation in the Falcon 15k Relay, Runs or Walk. Proceeds from this event will help to pay for race fees, nutritious snacks, training incentives, and running equipment. Our goal this year is to raise $5000 from the event. Sign up today and help us change lives one stride at a time.

Laurie Jenkins jenkinsl@hsd.k12.or.us

Student comments before training began…

I have chosen to participate in Liberty Fit because I’ve been encouraged a lot by my teachers that it’s a very fun and energetic activity that will help me feel better about myself, and that will be something I’ve accomplished on my own and will be a great way to represent the Liberty Falcons!

I am a small person and some people believe that I’m active but that’s not true. I am a very lazy person. I don’t like to run, but I believe that if I join Liberty Fit it will change me and put me on the right path.

The main reason is because I have asthma and I want to prove to myself that asthma does not affect my physical activity lifestyle. Also because I want to be more physically active and it also beats sitting in my room every day.

Student comments after completing the Helvetia Half-Marathon…

My experience was, well what can I say? I was so impressed, so proud of myself since it was my first race. It was so much fun I can’t really explain what I felt because all I want to say is thank you for being there and training me and for motivating my feelings.

Liberty Fit has become a spectacular experience for me. It has taught me to keep running no matter what. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you run, what matters is you finish. My favorite moment was when me, Mrs. Jenkins, Michelle, and Ricky held hands and stepped on the finish line of the half-marathon!

Training for and running the Helvetia Half-Marathon was one of the most amazing things I did this year. I met a lot of people and learned my potential. I feel really proud of doing this because it gave me a lot of personal satisfaction. I extremely appreciate all the people who took some of their time and money to make this work.